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Turning On Data!

Deep Center advances to become one of the largest companies in Information management, supporting clients and business partners on managing billing, assets, financing, debt negotiation or collection and recovery, insurance, sales, CRM, contact center, and many others.

We have developed a powerful visualization, exploration, and data analysis platform. We combined years of experience and operational knowledge with innovative Big Data tools, and our main goal is to break the traditional way in which the entire ecosystem analyses data.

Therefore, Deep Center is unique.

Deep Center

With headquarters in São Paulo, Deep Center is the first to combine big data technology with customer support and collection skills to perform information management and support these segments in their decision-making processes.

Our solutions go from the presentation of monitoring and diagnosis to the development of analytical and predictive models.


Raison D’être:

For a world where anyone can make decisions guided by data.


“We work to create a world in which there will be decision-making support solutions for any company. Our goal is to be a world-renowned Business Analytics company. By creating technology innovations focused on business intelligence, we will help people make better decisions.”


“To enable, through innovative technologies and a high-level team, the improvement of the decision-making process.”


  • Collaboration

  • Defiance (the dissatisfaction with the traditional and linear)

  • Honesty

  • Growth and profitability

  • Focus on the client

  • Respect for human beings and their individualities

  • Quick reactions to changes

  • Agile development


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Our professional skills enabled Deep Center to develop a product that generates unique value to our clients.


We are always thinking about transparency when solving problems in a prescriptive way.

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